And rightly so.

Online marketing has changed dramatically since the mid-1990s as the Internet began to take shape.

You see, the Internet was in its infancy so things were a little more transparent and there weren’t as many aggressive and questionable marketing campaigns. Fast forward to today and I bet you can even admit you’ve had a bad experience with something you’ve purchased or even outright been scammed.

Welcome to the “skeptics” club or Web 2.0. Here’s the problem as a marketer… almost the entire population has become skeptical of the majority of online marketing. So when you’re trying to sell or persuade a prospect to become a customer, it takes a huge effort to bring their guard down.

For example, here at Peerly, we go to great lengths to make no stone is left when creating when creating offers because we understand most consumers are looking for “red flags” in their purchasing decisions so we simply overwhelm them with value.

You won’t believe how many daily calls we get asking if this is a “scam” because they’re so used to being put into sneaky business practices..

Even getting someone to optin to your email list has become a monumental task! So what do you?

Well, you treat every prospect as a skeptic and follow a path to making them a raving customer.

I know, I know… easier said then done. But welcome to 2022.

Address the reasons why their skeptical in your marketing funnel is the first step. Remember, your website should be a sales funnel with a world-class user experience that eliminates skepticism and not glorified sales brochure. Take your leads on a walk to your bank account by making them feel stupid for not taking you up on your offer.

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