You CAN’T make money and excuses at the same time!

Try it. I guarantee you your excuses will get in the way!

EXCUSES lead to procrastination and procrastination leads to weak activity and slow to no cash flow.

The fortune is in following through and following up.

Why do ya think you get the same stupid credit card offer in your Gmail account 15 times a month from the same bank…


No Opt Out is as good as a Maybe Later.

Whatever STORY you tell yourself about why you didn’t follow through is simply to stroke your ego and make you feel better about procrastinating.

To make you feel like it’s OK, cuz it’s not your fault right?. You couldn’t help right?

You may think that failing to dump an extra $25,000 cash in your bank account is someone else’s fault, but I’ve got some REAL answers…


When I was in high school…

I had a crazy math teacher!

She  wore REALLY nice pants suits with low top Chuck Taylors.

(This is cool now, but it wasn’t then.)

She never really groomed her natural hair.

It was always wild and out of place.

(Cool now, but wasn’t then)


She spoke of overcoming racism.

(I thought this was math!).

Seriously, she was like a female Malcolm X with great math skills.

But you know what…

There’s one thing she did, that still sticks in my mind today, that I will forever thank her for and will always

remember beyond any of her militant ways.

She’d put up a bright yellow banner.

It went all the way around the wall of the classroom.

You couldn’t help but notice it the whole time you were in her class.

You know what it said…


It said that ALL the way around the classroom.


And whenever you gave her some lazy tired ass excuse as to why you didn’t finish your homework or otherwise, she’d say:

“Come on…NO EXCUSES man!”

Sometimes if an excuse was given by a classmate, she would even look to the rest of the class and say “What do we say to that?” and the class would point to the banner and say…


It created a MINDSET among all his students.

That no matter what YOU THINK is a good excuse…


Only following through to success is accepted, NO MATTER WHAT!

So this newsletter is dedicated to my high school math teacher, Mrs. Shaw aka Mrs. X.

This is for you.

Because I know that somewhere in my high school years, you helped

to shape a winning mindset in hundreds of young minds.

You probably thought you were just doing your job, but you were REALLY doing a whole lot more.

This is a public thank you and I hope that by sharing this story, many others will catch on.

Thank you Mrs. Shaw!

If we ever happen to meet up again, I just might put $10-Grand in your hand.

You deserve it!

And if you weren’t paying attention before,

STOP whatever you’re doing and go and read

this over again…

Some on man…No Excuses…

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