Without even realizing it, work has become the main hobby for millions of ambitious people like yourself. Most are so caught up in the pursuit of wealth, they don’t even really know what to do for fun anymore because I just feel a compulsion to be productive. Want to be able to enjoy life again. Does anybody else feel this way? Any tips to combat this?

I really encourage you to carve out time to reflect on what your true values are. It took me a long time to realize that I was chasing after success as it was defined by others, not myself.

Success is different for everyone. I’ve found that for me, it’s all about living a life aligned with my values.

My values:

  • Nurture relationships with people I enjoy and respect.
  • Take good care of myself physically and mentally.
  • Create and build things that I am proud of.

Ways that I achieve this:

  • Build a more efficient work process: Put technology on your side. Automate repeatable actions like lead generation. Anything repeated needs to be AUTOMATED!
  • Individual therapy: This has helped me so much that I can’t emphasize it enough. Note that it can take a few therapists to find a good fit. You don’t need to settle for the first one. Think of it as dating!
  • Journaling and meditation: This has helped me become a lot more aware of what I feel, think, and ultimately, want. Without this, my mind sprints around too quickly, and I often default to avoiding processing any difficult emotional thoughts or feelings.
  • Opening up to supportive friends and family: It’s easy to feel shame and hide our feelings from others because society makes us to hyper-aware of how we are coming across to people. But for me, hearing others share personal struggles only makes me respect them more, and also feel a lot closer to them.

Remember success is really hard, so be kind to yourself. Don’t forget to look back and be proud of how far you have already come!

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