Most people have zero stamina. They can’t stick with anything. They run and jump ship at the first signs of a challenge.

Some try…but eventually they give up too. ONLY THE SUPER-ACHIEVERS STICK!


The stock market.

INFORMATION affects stock prices drastically and when it happens that stock begins to drop

where MOST are uncomfortable…they run!


They say: “Run…you’re weak!” “Run…I’ll take up your slack” “Run…I’ll buy you out!”

Then when the market returns value, as it always does, the SUPER-ACHIEVERS clean up big-time as stock prices begin to shoot back up. ———–



In fact, that’s the reason the weak started bailing in the first place.

They bought them out for waaaaaay less than what the stock was really worth. Because the weak are IMPATIENT. They couldn’t stick. They didn’t realize what they had. They lacked information.

And now THEY are full of regrets. Now THEY wish they had stuck around for the victory.

Now THEY say: “IF this and IF that!” Now THEY are LOSERS!

Now THEY have to FIGHT to try and get back.




Take care of your money, whether you have a lot or a little. If you have RESERVED CAPITAL, you can take advantage of opportunities for pennies on the dollar, when others get weak and you are well informed..


Because of the reasons above, you can make MORE MONEY in a so-called “Bad Economy” than a good one.

You see, a good or bad economy is an illusion. A GOOD economy is one that you are PREPARED for!

Nothing stays the same forever. There are always adjustments. Business is up. Business is down.

Life is up. Life is down.

 Except most jump ship and don’t realize that THE MARKET OF LIFE AND BUSINESS WILL


And they stick because they have:

No Ego….Superior Information….And  Reserved Capital.

Listen, you have to prove that you deserve all this money, happiness, toys, etc…that you say you want!

You can’t just show up, raise your hand and say: “OK…I’M HERE…NOW GIVE ME MONEY!”


Pain BEFORE Pleasure: The natural order…

Life will test you, to see if you’ll stick.

To see if you are deserving.

To see what you’ll give in return for these RICHES that you CLAIM you want.

And ONLY if you have the stamina to stick around and endure some hardship, will you

be richly rewarded. And if you are…ONLY THEN WILL YOU APPRECIATE IT.

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