It’s normal to feel like you should start a newsletter for your brand. But is it a good idea?

And if it is, what type of newsletter should you start? That’s what we’re aiming to answer here.

OK, so should you start a newsletter? The answer is usually yes—as long as you have the right goals in mind. Most brands benefit, at least a little, from running a newsletter. A brand always benefits from higher email open rates. When a customer feels like you’re adding some type of value to their life and not simply trying to sell something every time they hear from you dramatically increases the likeably of your brand and therefore overtime increases your customer loyalty.

Remember, one-off customer relationships lead to unstable balance sheets and unstable balance sheets lead to failed businesses.

At we view Newsletters in three ways: 

  • Newsletters that stand on their own. Some brand newsletters add so much value that they stand on their own instead of functioning as promotional tools. These are helpful if you want to grow the largest audience possible, and if the majority of that audience hasn’t purchased from you before.
  • Newsletters that combine product info with interesting content. These newsletters focus on product, but contain enough unique content to keep a lukewarm audience engaged. That’s helpful if you’re sending emails to customers and people who have spent lots of time on your site.
  • Newsletters that are entirely product-focused. Some brands prefer to send a newsletter that revolves solely around their own product: News, discounts, sales, and more. These are helpful if you’re sending emails primarily to current customers.

The bottom line: Newsletters are great. If you evaluate what your goals are, where your audience is coming from, and how much time you have to spend on creating your newsletter, you’ll be on your way to creating something memorable.


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