When people imagine executives, owners, and “bosses,” most don’t think about anyone actually doing anything. They picture strategy planning, meetings, and delegation to hordes of capable professionals who will do the grunt work.

That is NOT the Head of Marketing.

The Head of Marketing is a DOER. It all comes down to four core elements: Strategy, Execution, Measurement, and Optimization.

  • Define and articulate an effective strategy
  • Execute that strategy across departments
  • Accurately measure the effectiveness of that plan, and…
  • Optimize the strategy to achieve the defined goals

A Head of Marketing could be a VP of Marketing, a Director of Marketing, or even a Marketing Manager in some companies. But unlike a Chief Marketing Officer (who focuses more on brand, communications, and budget allocations) Heads of Marketing focus on execution and results.

In other words, Heads of Marketing actually DO marketing, which is why Heads of Marketing are in such high demand. Now ask yourself are you the head DOER in terms of your marketing or do you need help?

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