We’re living in a world where humans now have a lower attention span than that of a goldfish.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, viewers typically leave a website within 10 to 20 seconds. You won’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Using a few strategies, you can keep viewers’ attention longer, while generating new prospects and revenue.


  1. People have short attention spans. According to Statisticbrain.com, eight seconds is the average person’s attention span and only 28 percent of words are read on an average Web page. Instead of wasting time and money creating text-only Web pages, reduce the text and use attention-grabbing items such as videos, images, and bullet points.


Website viewers are busy; with so many things competing for their attention, they don’t have time to figure out your website’s purpose. They want you to speak to them and not at them. Presenting your website information in an easy-to-understand and focused way allows viewers to determine how your business’ products or services will add value to their lives or solve their problems.


Choosing the right website colors for your website theme helps keep viewers attention. Every color has a psychological meaning associated with it. According to the Color Wheel Pro, red is an emotionally intense color that evokes feelings of energy, desire, and love; while yellow evokes feelings of joy, happiness, and intellect. Using the right color combinations can influence a viewer’s mood and keep them engaged.

Valuable Content

Website viewers want to know about your product’s or service’s benefits rather than its features. Benefits describe how your product or service will help solve their problem, while features describe the functionality of your product or service. They also want valuable content. Offering free items with compelling headings, such as tip sheets, videos, articles, and e-books capture viewers attention and encourage them to stay longer.

Do you know what works well to engage a prospect? 


Yup, not only that, but they help get you around Facebook Ads and Google Ads compliance rules because you’re not advertising anything on the frontend. I’m a big proponent of pulling leads from Facebook Ads and Google Ads because once you have a prospect in your OWN ecosystem, you can promote whatever you want via email and not worry about getting your ad account banned.

Not only that, quizzes engage prospects! People want to be entertained. And once the prospect completes the quiz, you can then promote whatever you want on the thank you page after they have submitted their email address.

Need help? Reach out. We have a team of extremely talented people ready to help you build your business like it was their own enterprise.

The world needs you to succeed.

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