I’m sure you can think of at least one salesperson who won’t leave you alone until you buy something from them.

These are the same personality types who post on social media every day begging people to buy from them so they can hit their sales goals knowing that the product doesn’t benefit you.

These people are so obsessed with making a sale today by any means. That their transactional brain doesn’t recognize that they’re actually losing sales in the long run. Their long-term reputation is being eaten alive by greed.

On the other hand, the best salespeople understand the value of each and every customer and more importantly, they give a fuck about the customer, their problems, and their needs.

When you can actually solve a customer’s problem and give them your full attention and care, you’ll gain a customer for life. If you just focus on the sale and put your needs before a customer’s needs, you’ll lose a customer for life and make it even harder to find new customers in the future because they’ll spread the word about your bad business practices. You’ll fine yourself, your company and/or product going viral for the wrong reasons.

Whether you own a business or not this same concept applies to anyone who wants to be successful. Are you treating people as a transaction to hit today’s goals? Or do you see every person as an opportunity to contribute and solve their problem?

If you focus on them … you will win. If you focus on yourself … you will lose.

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