The other day I found an old t-shirt from my college days that had this slogan across the back: “Life is a journey. Are you packed?”

That theme seems to pop up a lot, though, doesn’t it? “Life is about the journey, not the destination.”

In a sense, that’s a good way to live. Savor every bite of food. Spend every second you can with your loved ones. Take time to reflect, pray, or meditate each day. Relax. Breathe. And so on.

The negative effects of a rushed, stressed lifestyle are well-documented problems in America today.

Yet this mantra falls apart when it comes to achieving your professional goals, doesn’t it?

How many sci-fi books, movies, and shows deal with teleportation? Tons. Why? Because everyone wants to get to their destination quickly.

Have you ever been sitting in traffic and wished you could simply hop in a pod and with a FLASH! instantly end up at your destination? Honestly, I daydream about it all the time.

While we may be a few years away from that type of technology, think of the arc of development for travel. Feet, animals, wheels, bikes, boats, trains, cars, planes, rockets. And they keep getting us places faster and more efficiently. That’s what we demand.

So why don’t we demand more when it comes to achieving our business goals?

Here’s a more relevant example of how the love for the journey can be a bit misplaced. A buddy of mine will be paying off student loans from college for the next 30 years (he and his wife have BIG degrees). He will still be paying for his own college education while his children are starting theirs. Certainly not an ideal situation but very common (even for SMALLER degrees). In this case, the destination eclipses the journey. Let’s get those loans paid off as quickly as possible, friend.

This applies to your business goals, too. As a financial professional, relying on the referral method for garnering new business causes the journey to move at a glacier’s pace. When your destination is financial freedom, this simply won’t do.

There is a saying in the industry that the best client is a great referral. And if you believe that to be true 100% of the time, please unsubscribe from our email list. In talking with hundreds of advisors, a good majority of the referrals they get are resource-draining wastes of time.

Attracting ideal potential clients, improving your client conversion rate, and scaling your business systematically all require moving purposefully and quickly without relying on luck or chance to get a perfect referral.

As you read this, you may be thinking, “Yes! I’m ready to move quickly.”

But then that sickening feeling hits when you realize you don’t have the game plan in place to make that happen. Maybe you’re struggling to create a niche. Maybe you are having difficulty charging what you’re truly worth. Maybe you need a method of acquiring clients more rapidly and methodically. Maybe you need a better sales process to convert prospects into clients. Maybe you need a fair and objective eye on your business.

Listen, at some point every successful business owner was a wantrepreneuer. A wantrepreneuer is a person full of ideas and frustrated at having potential to spare. Something clicks when they realized the horrible trade they’ve made – trading their time and freedom for faslely perceived security.

In 2022 with the right partnership your stuggle becomes a choice. It’s time you get some clarity. Start making better decisions for your enterprise.

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