That’s the percentage of traffic which isn’t isn’t ready to buy on first impressions.

Sure, they’ll go to your site.

They’ll click around.

They’ll snag that promo code to opt into your newsletter, then forget about it entirely.

Then they’ll go to your competitor and do the same thing.

It’s the same behavior our team has been seeing for 15+ years behind the scenes of thousands of under or poorly developed websites.

There is an OCEAN of untapped buyers out there, and eventually, they’re going to buy from you or your competitor.

The question is…

Who wins them over?

Here’s the answer:

Whoever RETAINS INTEREST longer than their competitor.

And there are plenty of easy, no-adspend way to retain them and turn strangers into customers over time.

For example, if you have engaging emails 60 days from now, and your competitors don’t, then you win.

(Trying to retarget the same person for 60 days using paid ads is WAY more expensive and 100% more futile btw).


If you AREN’T 100% confident in what you’re doing after people opt in, I’m willing to bet we can uncover a solid amount of “gold” hidden in your customer journey.

If you think that might be the case, go ahead and schedule a “customer journey audit” with my advisors here:

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